The Native American people of this region have lived in harmony and respect with their natural environment.

Stories of their emergence and of their living history are handed down from one generation to the next through prayer and song. The traditional knowledge of their ancestors is the basis for how they live today and is reflected in architecture, traditions, arts and ceremony.

We are most grateful for the blessings of our Earth Mother as she provides us with all that we need to sustain our livelihood now, and into the future. As native people living in modern times, we have a responsibility to maintain balance with our natural environment and world trends. As you explore this collection of traditional and contemporary artwork, you will see memories of the past as well as the voice and creativity of modern native people.

We invite you to enjoy this celebration of cultural art.

Lupita Lucero

Born and raised in Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico to Juan B. and Eleanor (Jojola) Abeita. Eldest daughter, siblings: Elizabeth A. Coochwytewa (Glendale, Arizona), Gloria Abeita (dec.), and Rupert A. Abeita (Isleta Pueblo).Children: Carmen Lucero, Denise Lucero, Virgil Lucero (Isleta Pueblo), Patrick Gasper (Stroud, OK) and Renee Gasper (Washington, DC). Nine (9) grandchildren, ranging from age 23 years to 7 years and 2 great-grandchildren.

Started sewing when living in the Bay Area – California over 44 years ago, with one year of sewing in middle school Home Economics class in the early 1960s!

I sew both traditional and contemporary clothing including mantas, ribbon shirts, Apache dresses, shawls and fun clothing. I also crochet, preferring the fine threads of lace trimmings for aprons and insertions for Isleta women and men clothing.

Fun stuff crochet – recently crocheted plastic “scrubbies” and with a matching potholder for the Isleta Elders to sell at a recent craft sale to help raise money for their outings.

Commissioned by The Heard Museum in Phoenix to crochet an apron which was on display in their Southwest Exhibit.

“Why I do what I do…..I love sewing and making family members, friends and new acquaintances their attire for participation in traditional activities be it weddings, baptismal, graduations, and Pow Wows. It is a hobby more than making money on the side! Not one dress or shirt is the same. Each has its special touch to its creation. When I am not at the sewing machine sewing, I will crochet prior to calling it a night! I crochet fine thread lace insertions for our “Isleta” dresses/shirts and aprons. I have been crocheting for over 45 years preferring the fine thread over yarn. Lots of thought and love go to each piece of clothing I make. Each is unique in its own way – and has to be perfect to the last stitch!”