Table Games at Isleta Resort & Casino

Stacked poker Chips Casino chip stacks over white background[/caption]Feel the excitement build as you place your bets and cheer for the lucky roller, who just happens to be on an amazing hot streak. The good times are rolling and you are right in the middle of it, at Isleta Resort & Casino. We have 24 table games, brand new Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow Poker, Pai Gow insurance now paying over $6,000. We also offer heads up Hold’em, high card flush, craps with the bonus craps side bet, single deck, double deck, and 6 deck shoe blackjack, offering Buster Blackjack side bet

We deal your favorite games at Isleta!

    • Blackjack – Our single deck and double deck games are hand pitched by friendly dealers. We offer a variety of 6 deck “shoe dealt” games.
    • Craps – Try our “Bonus Craps” option.
    • Poker-style – Table games include: Pai Gow (with “Emperor’s Treasure” and “Pai Gow Insurance” progressive bonuses), Heads Up Hold ‘Em, and High Card Flush.
    • Roulette – Traditional double zero wheels with generous betting maximums.

Baccarat  5% commission with Dragon Bonus.

Poker Room Now Open!

Daily 10am-2am

Omaha Bad Beat Now Over $12,000
Texas Hold’em Bad Beat Now Over $42,000

Featured Games:

1-3 No Limit
5-10 No Limit
2-5 No Limit
2-6 Spread Limit
2-4 Spread Limit
4-8 Omaha Hi-Lo
16-32 Omaha Hi-Lo
10-20 Omaha
5-10 Omaha